Huge Alaskan Dog Suffered From Depression And Was Saved By Little Kittens After Her Feline Best Friend Passed Away

The Williams family from Kanab, UT has been fostered a young dog, whose name is Flora, and an old cat called Dexter for a long time. Flora and Dexter have nothing in common as looking at their appearance. Flora is a loving Alaskan Malamute who was rescued from Best Friends Animal Society. This big boy weighs around 100 pounds, unlike her best friend, Dexter, a small old cat whom Floria loved to play with all the time.

Flora and Dexter used to be best buddies of each other until Dexter got sick and promptly passed away at the age of 22. Flora was left alone in her own home, facing an unsustainable future. Flora loved her dear Dexter so much, her well-being took a drastic decline when she realized she wouldn’t be able to see her best friend anymore.

Grasping Flora’s emotional changes, the Williams family thought they needed to do something.

The family went back to Best friends Animal Society to get Flora’s new friend so that she wouldn’t feel lonely anymore. They brought home two adult cats, with the thought that the cats could somehow make Flora feel better. But it wasn’t easy at all, while Flora welcomed the new family members with kindness, the two cats couldn’t make themselves take off the fence toward the huge dog. There was no instant connection like there used to be with Dexter before. The cats showed no interest in cuddling with the big dog, thus Flora continued her slump into depression. Couldn’t stand seeing the sadness in Flora’s eyes, the family decided to try one more time but using another solution. They got back to the shelter, but this time, they decided to think differently.

They adopted four foster kittens: Iggy, Bowie, Roxy, and Glamour. These cuties were put in the children’s bedroom where there were plenty of toys and cat beds to make them feel comfortable in their home. The children screamed in joy knowing that they had the opportunity to take on the role of a foster family, but they weren’t the only ones who wanted to help.

On the first day living together, Flora showed her subtlety by keeping her distance and letting the kittens get used to their new home. She was patient, and eventually, one of the kittens decided to say “hello” to her. The father expressed that Iggy was the first brave boy. “He went right up to Flora and sniffed her nose. She gently brought her face down to meet his and got a huge smile on her face.”

After that lovely interaction, the other three kittens got the confidence and tried to approach Flora, too. There were moments of hesitation, but Flora stayed perfectly calm and let the kittens come to her whenever they wanted. After a lot of sniffs and a few head butts, Flora gladly accepted her new role as their new foster mom.

The William family now calls their dog the “kitten whisperer,” every day is a wonderful day when they watch the group play and interact. Flora takes her foster responsibilities seriously, and she also helps the kittens learn about the world outside to make sure they are ready to be adopted. Even though these kittens can’t live with Flora forever, she will always have someone to take care of. Because she has the potential to become a foster mother.

As life goes on, the family plans on fostering more kittens after the four kittens move on. In fact, the family has the confidence to say that their Kitten whisperer will treat all of them with the same love and caring. Flora will help all rescue cats find their own best friends as a way to honour your best buddy, Dexter.

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