Camera Captured Grown Elephant Breaking Water Sprinkler In Purpose And Cooling Off

Nobody knows how hot it can be in Thailand better than Faa Sai the elephant. She has discovered the ideal way to cool herself in the heat, much to the dismay of her carers.

Faa Sai is a Thai elephant who was rescued and now lives happily and safely at the Elephant Nature Park. She has plenty of space to explore and engage with other elephants. But there is one thing that Faa Sai adores above everything else…

And then there’s the breaking of the sprinklers so that you can play in the subsequent liquid pandemonium.

Yes, you read that correctly. This cheeky elephant bursts the water sprinklers on purpose, pouring large volumes of water into the air. She then takes a bath and splashes around in the water. She seemed to be having the time of her life!

Elephant destroys a water sprinkler in order to cool down in the sun Faa Mai quickly understood that while the water sprinklers were working properly, they weren’t nearly as much fun. Instead, she’s set out to transform the Elephant Nature Park into an elephant water park!

Nobody wants to stop her, though, because she’s having the time of her life…

Faa Sai’s shenanigans, however, did not stop there. It’s become something of a habit for her.

She must have enjoyed the sprinkler session so much that she had to repeat it. Nobody could really be furious with her when she is so adorable.

Since then, Faa Sai has destroyed another sprinkler, simply to play in it. As she is saturated by the water spray, you can see her rolling around on the ground. It’s tough to look away from her as she engages in her little game.

She may be a big girl now, but when she plays, she still appears like a baby.

Faa Sai can be seen enjoying her safety and independence at the Elephant Nature Park in the video below.

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