10 signs that he is a toxic boyfriend #8th is important

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Many today are in a toxic relationship; a relationship that harms their personal growth and affects their mental well-being. In such toxic relationships, most of the times, one out of the two don’t realize that he/she is the toxic one.

If you find yourself frequently quarrelling with your partner even over the pettiest issues, then you might just be the toxic one. One’s behavioral traits makes one a toxic partner in a love relationship. Let’s look at some of the signs that will help you find out if you are the toxic one in your relationship

You have to know the exact whereabouts of your partner

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Some people are control freaks. They have to know what their partner is doing and where he/she is all the time. Now, that is not always possible. Sure partners must have a basic idea of where the other might be, but you cannot expect your partner to keep you updated with every single detail. Besides, there can be nothing worse than you telling your partner to share his/her location. Demanding such details from your partner says that you don’t trust him/her. If you doubt your partner and have trust issues then why are you in a relationship?

You always want things to go your way

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Why? You aren’t your partner’s boss. Equality is very important in a love relationship. A relationship can never exist if one tries to dominate the other. Respecting each other’s choices and opinions are very important to make a relationship survive. When you start forcefully implying your decisions and thoughts on your partner, you begin to make your relationship toxic.

You cannot respect your partner’s personal space

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Every single individual requires personal space. Read that again. If your partner wishes to go somewhere without you, it doesn’t mean he/she is tired of you, it just means that he/she needs some time alone and that is totally okay. You both have a life of your own. The soon you realise this, the less you harm your relationship. Expecting your partner to keep talking with you throughout the day is plainly insane. In addition to this, if you keep checking his/her phone regularly, then you are 100% the toxic one. Stop it.

You make every issue just about yourself

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Isn’t a committed relationship all about facing the difficulties together? Then why must you make everything just about yourself? If your partner approaches you with a problem that concerns the two of you, then you must sit, talk and try to solve it together rather than indulging in a blame game. Firstly, a blame game is purely immature and secondly, making the entire problem just about yourself indicates that you are self centred and selfish person.

You become emotionally as well as physically abusive when the fight escalates

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So now you are not just toxic but also abusive. Abusing someone physically and emotionally is outright unacceptable. No one has given you the right to throw things at your partner or hurling cuss and abusive words. You have to stop getting abusive, lest your partner will leave walk out of the relationship, if not soon, then later.

Your partner fears while communicating with you

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There should be no fear for each other in a relationship. If your partner has accepted that he/she is scared of you and has to think million times before telling you anything, it clearly suggests that you have made your relationship toxic. You must always keep an open communication between you and your partner where both can speak their minds openly.

If you are even slightly agreeing to all the points mentioned above, you have to start checking your thoughts, feelings and actions to find out if you are one ruining a beautiful relationship otherwise capable of blossoming.

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