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48 Harmless Pictures That Prove You Have a Dirty Mind

So as it turns out, we all have a dirty mind. If you see anything other than innocent pictures here, you definitely have a dirty mind and you should be ashamed of yourself. This is not the first time we publish a gallery of this sort, and if you need …

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40 Pictures That Will Give You Whiplash Guaranteed

At first glance, these photos look pretty typical, mundane even. Wedding, graduation photos, team shots, nothing to see here. But wait! Actually, they are the M. Night Shyamalan movies of photos: They all contain a twist! Cats: hide and seek champions Look in the lower right corner. This cat is …

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30 pictures where some things went terribly wrong.

Things don’t always go as planned it’s just a part of life. Although these situations can be inconvenient, annoying or even amusing we have to get on with things. When we don’t achieve a desired result, we often accept how it turned out. However there are people seem to literally live …

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