First ever a white cougar spotted in the Atlantic Forest of Brazil

That’s some kind of miracle, as it would stick out like a sore thumb easy pray….

Pictures that were taken in the year 2013 – At the Serra dos Orgaos National Park located in southeastern Brazil’s Atlantic.

The images have been confirmed as the first-ever confirmed case of a wild cougar that has leucism.

Catameep Snow Panther on Twitter: "The scientific paper about the leucistic puma photographed in 2013 in Brazil is now available to all for free online, including 3 never-before-seen pictures…"

Luke Hunter, the executive director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Big Cats Program, said that the animal is unusual and you never get to see such animals.
My best guess is that the distant ancestor of pumas was uniformly coloured, and that has been maintained in the species ever since. But that’s just a consequence of the randomness of mu.tation, the roll of the gen.etic dice.

2020-07-14 07_57_22-(PDF) First record of leucism in puma from Serra dos Órgãos National Park, Brazi | Cats, Animals, Albino

After the first-ever pictures taken of the very rare animal, the cougar was not seen ever again.

The camera trap monitoring project restarted last year, but we still have no new record of this animal or any other odd-coloured pumas.

No one knows where the animal is right now and no one knows if they are or

We pray they will be protected and safe for the generations to come!
We hope it has a long, peaceful, and natural life, without human intervention. It’s a soul of God’s, no different than you and I, is entitled to a noble and natural life. God is in every thing that is alive, so let’s not up God’s lives and adventures…!🙏🙏🙏💝

What are your thoughts on the rare animal?

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