10 Realistic Comics on How Hard It Is Being a Girl In Summer

Makeup that gets runny five minutes after you put it on, red lines on the thighs … these are just some of the issues faced during the summer by the glamorous half of mankind.

You got slimmer, then? Someone has clearly forgotten to keep your thighs informed!

And about those “women’s special days”? They just don’t mind it being your first two-year beach break.

All sandals endure one common drawback …

Summer shorts come in only two types, and only two types …

“In a billowing skirt, wouldn’t I look romantic?!” Believe us you won’t want to find out!

Wish If the hair on our head was also growing as quickly as the hair on the leg

Bad posture: In hot weather, your greatest enemy!

During the summer wearing rings resembles medieval torture.

It is not just people who would possibly attract your lovely floral perfume

Proper Summer Makeup? Forget that!

Jumpsuits are great before you want to go to the toilet!

Sitting on the bench in the form-fitting gown?! You must be incredibly courageous…

Swimsuit designers seem to have never heard of the “golden mean.”

Illustrated by Astkhik Rakimova

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