32 Of The Strangest People You Will Ever See On The Subway

City subways are a popular means of transport for people on their daily commute. If you are a regular passenger of the metro then it’s inevitable that you will have witnessed some strangest things.

Scroll down to take a look at some of the strangest things you will ever see on a subway.

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#1 That book must be interesting….

Commutes are for catching up on sleep and light reading.

# 2 Real life dolls

#3 Sleep over…

Wonder if the shoulder is more comfortable than a pillow?

#4 What thoughts are going through her head?

#5 Does anyone else hate falling asleep with your mouth open.

Someone really needed a power nap.

# 6 In case you didn’t have time to eat.

# 6 Comfort is key.

Hope no one is short a seat.

# 7 Make yourself at home.

# 8 Train Buddy

Do they even know each other?

# 9 No Zebtaur’s Allowed

# 10 So Tired He Could Fall Down.

Sleeping on the subway floor….this is another level.

# 11 Fashion at it’s finest.

# 12 Always Bring A Spare Tyre

He be rollin.

# 13 Is there a leak?

# 14 That Can’t Be Comfortable.

# 15 Hmmmmmm?

# 16 Just Another Day….

Protect your her bag at all costs.

# 17 When you watch too many movies.

# 18 Sleep While Standing

How did this guy pull it off and not fall over.

# 19 This could be a safety issue.

# 20 Morning Workout On The Train

Squeezing in a yoga workout while commuting to work!

# 21 Which is more bizarre?

# 22 Most Awkward Sleeping Position Ever

If only he had a pillow…

# 23 Sleeping seems to be a common theme

# 24 Bear Necessities Of Travel

# 25 Dodgy characters on board.

# 26 Steel time for a snooze.

When you substitute a pole for a pillow.

# 27 No words.

# 27 Power Nap

How comfortable does this look.

# 28 Bring you own seat.

# 29 Box Blanket

When you run out of booze take a snooze in the box.

# 30 Crazy costumes….

# 31 Show Off

Ideal if there aren’t any free seats.

# 32 Creepy…

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