Test Your Eyesight by Finding the Hidden Shapes in These 15 Images — Not Even We Could Find Them All

When we strain our eyes to find something, we also put our minds to work. This is always good and useful for our brains, which need constant practice. After all, the brain is just like our muscles: it needs training and exercise to work properly.

News35 created 15 visual challenges that will put your eyesight to the test and get those brain juices flowing. Try and spot all the hidden figures in the images below. If you can’t find one, you can just tap on the image to see the right answer. Good luck.

1. Can you see the triangle?

2. There’s a square hidden in the image below. Can you find it?

3. Find the circular shape.

4. Can you see the rectangle?

5. Can you see the rhombus?

6. Do you see an oval figure?

7. What about a cylinder?

8. There’s a 5-angle figure hidden in the image below. Do you see it?

9. And in this other image, there’s an irregular star hiding.

10. Let’s take things to the next level! Can you spot a circle and a square?

11. What about a rhombus next to an irregular star?

12. And in this image, there’s a rectangle and an oval figure hiding.

13. If you manage to find an irregular star and a circle here, your eyesight is really impressive!

14. Here’s an oval shape and a triangle (these were really hard for us to spot). Can you find them?

15. A 5-angle figure and a square are hiding in this image (and if you can see them, you should really be proud of your excellent eyesight).

We must admit that there were a couple of figures in this exercise that we couldn’t spot. Did you manage to find them all? If you did, you’re really awesome! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family so that they too can test their eyesight and compare scores with you.

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