30 Strange Beauty Things Women Did In The Past.

The majority of women strive to have a youthful appearance, that’s why beauty products are alway in high demand.

Over the years there certainly has been a number of beauty trends that are questionable. Take hair, for example, women advanced from using irons to hair straighteners. That is just one example, there numerous bizarre and unusual beauty trends know throughout history. 

Scroll down and take a look at these bizarre images we have compiled and let us know which one is your favourite. 

#1: A Seam Is Being Painted On This Lady’s Leg, To Make It Appear That She Is Wearing Stockings In 1926.

#2: Again During The 1920’s Full-Faced Swimming Masks Helped Protect From Sun Damage.

#3 A Faceless Beauty Competition In Cliftonville, 1936

#4 A Chinese Tradition Called Foot Binding During The Tenth Century.

#5: A French Breast Washer Throughout The 1930’s.

#6 In 1938, Rita Perchetti And Gloria Rossi Testing Out Their New Portable Bathhouse In Order To Change Their Sunbathing Attire.

#7 The Infamous Ironing Hair Trend In The 60’s

#8 Freckle Removal In 1930.

This Apparatus Covers The Eyes With A Special, Air-Tight Piece, And The Nostrils Covered. Breathing Is Done Through A Special Tube.

#9 Tape Worm Diet For Fat Loss.

#10 Miss Lovely Eyes Beauty Pageant In 1930 Wore Masks To Obscure Their Faces.

#11: An Ice Mask From Max Factor.

#12 People Wore Garments To Protect Themselves From The Sun Prior To The Introduction Of Sunscreen.

#13 1949 Women Could Use A Vending Machine For Tanning.

#14: 1929 A Perm In Germany.

#15 During The 40’s Customers Paint Their Legs In London.

#16 1940 A Portable Hair Dryer.

#17 An Ankle Competition Being Judged At Hounslow, London, 1930

#18: During 17th – 19th Century Black Teeth Were A Sign Of Beauty In Japan.

#19 This Bra Developed And Strengthened Your Bust It Vibrated While The Person Wore It At Work In 1971

#20 This Was Your Typical Hair Dryer During The 1920s.

#21 In The 1920’s Rubber Beauty Masks Used To Reduce Wrinkles.

#22 In 1929 Women Wore Wooden Swimsuits.

#23 A Machine To Create Dimple, 1936.

#24 A Nose Correction.

#25 A Fruit Mask During The 30’s.

#26 An X-Ray Of Two Female Torsos One The (Left) Wears A cORSET The (Right) Is Without1908.

#27 In The 1940’s Women Weren’t Prohibited To Smoke In The Hospital After Giving Birth.

#28 Capturing Exact Measurements Of A Young Woman’s Head And Face With This Instrument In 1933

#29 Circa 1938, A Young Woman Improves Her Circulation By Holding Her Arms And Legs In Four Water Bathes With An Electric Current.

#30 In 1940 Women Wore This Warming Face Mask.

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