People Share Pictures Of The Most Passive-Aggressive Things They Have Ever Seen.

Have you ever noticed how a person can set you off not by what they have said but by how they say it?

Often you have to respect these passive-aggressive remarks from people even if you’re on the receiving end.

Although this type of behaviour can affect a person’s ability to form healthy relationships it seems like the people on this list are managing just fine

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#1 This one is a keeper

People exhibit passive-aggressive behavior in a number of different ways through words and/or actions, including slamming things, getting overly defensive, yelling, getting overly emotional, having a negative tone or words for no apparent reason.

#2 Burn!!!! 


If uncontrolled, passive-aggressive behavior can have grave consequences to relationships between people in families, romances, and even in the workplace. So why is this destructive behavior so common?

#4 Who digs up somebody elses flowers… that’s messed up.

#5 Passive aggressive car sticker…

Need to get this sticker.

#6 This is genius 

#7 My gym is pretty passive-aggressive

Oof! A lot of males insecure in their masculinity are suddenly returning their weights.

#8 Proud artist

#9 My roommate put this on our fridge

Will copy this.

#10 A bit too close.

#11 I woke up to find this message …

Beard hairs are horrible.

#12 Brilliant

Wish I thought of that.

#13 The Brit’s are the best.

#14 Please Hold

While a customer is on the phone….

#15 My dad found my passive aggressive note that I wrote to the tooth fairy.

It was better than I remember.


No words for this.

#17 Passive aggressive roommate preparing for valentines day.

It’s pretty straight up.


The app has given up on trying to help

#19 My wife can be passive aggressive.

Maybe leave out the last line.

#20 Time to confess….

How will the priest give you advice on what to do instead of what you did and how you did it?

#21 Coded Message

#22 Huh?

#23 Does This Irritate Anyone Else?

#24 Do it, do it, do it!

#25 Follow instructions.

#26 Making A Point

#27 Wow… just wow

#28 Back Off

#29 Epic…

Must be a sign.

#30 Food memes.

Office memos can get a bit saucy.

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