30 Designs That Prove Some Designers Need to Take A Break

Have you ever been embarrassed by crazy ideas of yours? Well take designers for example they generate new ideas every day.

Although most are creative it looks like some of them sure need a break for inspiration. Some just seem to have poor ideas.

Take a look, at the designs listed below, some of them just don’t make any sense at all.

Under one-off design.

Luxury toilet paper…

When it’s too hot to wear jeans:

A bit confusing perhaps?

Shoes inspired by pebbles.

She has her head screwed on.

You shouldn’t wear this dress on TV.

Wonder who the man of her dreams is?

Just why?

Hand ups….if you think this is a great phone cover.

The choice is yours!

It’s nice to meat you!

Chuck it in the loo.

Bite me.

Who came up with this idea?

Major Steve Buscemi fan.

Alien Baby

This curtain seems to scare all my guests.

Where’s the logic here?

Just stitch four flannels together.

Bit of a head case.

Hope you have long arms.

Open wide…

Killer heels!!

This sink looks a little fishy.

That lightbulb moment.

When girls flip out over new shoes.

Mirror mirror…….on the ceiling?

Fish Flops.

Trainer bike for adults…

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