15 Times People Just Took Things Too Far.

There are certain people that can’t seem to resist testing the limit with certain things. 

These situations often catch up with the person resulting from an unpleasant outcome.

Take a look at the following images where people just took things too far!

1. “Lockdown rules are a bit stretched.”

Not sure why one would bring a chainsaw to the beach?

2. “Hot crossbuns.”

When you run out of buns just use croissants.

3. “Who found him…”

Anyone hungry?

4. “When you don’t want to keep repeating yourself”

5. “When you want the council to fix potholes.

This is one way to get their attention.

6. Four tequilas…. I’ll be on the floor.

How many tequilas are you after?

7. Committed To Their Craft!

Someone really loves their job.

8. “Wife left me this note”

“Did she want me to leave the rubbish out?”

9. Bag of salt with your order?

That explains it…..

10. “Baby when the lights go out!”

I’ll show you what it’s all about!

11. What Is That Mailbox Made Out Of?!

No fear of anyone stealing your mail?!”

12. “Linesman are always straight up.”

Especially when it comes to their work!

13. “Good to know.”

Being honest with oneself……

14. “A prickly strange look cactus.”

Odd looking cactus.

15. “In case the exam is too tough.”

“Just remember not to ruin the exam paper in the process.”

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