A Baby Elephant Runs To Save A Man From Drowning And The Video Goes Viral On The Internet.

On social media, an old viral video of a baby elephant running to save a man from drowning is resurfacing.

The adorable footage, initially shared on Twitter, a couple of days ago shows a herd of elephants standing at a riverbank, while a human can be seen swimming in the river.

The adorable video, which was first posted on Twitter a few days ago, shows a herd of elephants standing by a riverbank while a human swims in the water. The internet will be won over in the next few seconds.

A baby elephant rushes to the aid of a drowning man. The incident occurred at Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary and rescue center for elephants in Thailand. Darrick, the man in the video, has dedicated his life to assisting and preserving these incredible creatures.

Kham Lha, an orphaned baby elephant, forms a close bond with Darrick, the man who cares for her every day.

The guy, of course, has never been in danger.

The endearing footage is intended to raise awareness about the need to avoid hunting elephants. Darrick and the Save Elephant Foundation aren’t even attempting to assist with the species’ survival!

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