Ellen DeGeneres ‘Cancelled’ Again For Her Response To Derek Chauvin’s Verdict.

It appears Ellen DeGeneres is going through a bit of a rough patch lately…

Which seems to have escalated following a recent tweet she shared in relation to the Derek Chauvin trial…

This news arrives following his guilty verdict of murdering George Floyd.

Scroll to the end to find out.

Ellen seems to be having a run of bad luck.

DeGeneres has been batting accusation after accusation.

Especially if your whole personality is built on being nice…

One allegation led to another.

Which is exactly what seems to have happened!

Bad press followed her everywhere.

Things seem to have reached a breaking point.

People are beginning to detest Ellen.

Former employees have a lot of remarks to make about her.

Serious allegations have since come to light of her behaviour and poor treatment toward staff members.

How did remain hidden for such a long time?!

A lot of people are curious and asking questions.

It appears….

A lot people view Ellen as controversial.

Here is a subtle reminder why.

Firstly lets begin with her behaviour towards Sophia Vergara…

Vergara has a strong Colombian accent which Ellen has always perceived as humorous.

A couple of years back Ellen mocked Vergara numerous time during an episode.

She offered to teach her new words while claiming her English had improved.

Some of you might remember the next one regarding a gift.

That was sent to her by a fan.

It was a drawing of Ellen…

Which she just mocked.

These are just examples of Ellen’s behavior…

In addition to horrific claims from former employees of The Ellen Show, the shows future is uncertain.

Ellen appears to have damaged her show’s reputation…

The show was struggling to secure advertisers, book A-list celebrities, and experienced a huge dip in ratings over last summer which isn’t a good sign.

An ‘Ellen’ staff member spoke out about what was going on.

An insider has revealed: “We’re trying to be a content house, but we have no content. For the first time, everyone was starting to ask us, ‘If you have an idea, tell us because we will listen. If you have an idea for a celeb, even if they’re not A-list or famous, we’ll take anyone who will bring us numbers and eyeballs’.”

However recent statistics indicate the show is doing worse.

Her show lost 1.5 million viewers with all the scandal surrounding it.

So if you felt that was bad wait until you see her tweet below…

Ellen shared her thoughts on Twitter following the announcement of the guilty verdicts of Derek Chauvin’s trial,

Many people don’t appear to be too happy about it.

Can you blame them…

Take a look at the tweet here:

Clearly by tweeting the word ” Justice ” Ellen’s response was very clear. Do you think she had the right to comment on this matter? Let us know in the comment section.

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