Prince Harry returned to California without saying a word to Charles

Prince Harry is returning to California without having a personal chat with his brother or father. Both of them don’t trust Harry enough to speak to him alone. 

The only chat that Harry had with his brother and father was some spontaneous small talk when they were all attending prince Phillips’s funeral.

Both William and his father would only chat to Harry if there was a witness among them to report what they talked about. Both of them were afraid that Harry would leak false information about them as he supposedly did during the Oprah interview.

After the claims that Harry revealed during the interview with Oprah, along with his wife Megan, almost all of the Royals attending the funeral refused to talk to him.


Reports from the event reveal both Charles and William were only being protective of each other so no false information about them was to be leaked.


Others claim that the bond between all of them will recuperate as it is just the early days after Harry has accused the royal family of racism.

However, both brothers started talking to each other while they were leaving the funeral. But the chat was too short and spontaneous to indicate anything. Now, Harry is flying back home to the United States to his son Archie and Megan, who is currently pregnant with their second child. 

But, it is not only Williams and Charles that kept themselves from talking to Harry. Harry himself refused to talk to them in the first place for the same reason.

It has been reported that Prince Charles has now left the royal family and returned to Wales. On the other hand, William is still living in the UK and supporting his grandmother.

In a couple of days, the queen will become 95 years old. However, no celebrations will take place during the grief of her late husband. 

Harry’s return to the UK marked the first time he had stepped foot there in over a year after both he and his wife quit their position as part of the royal family.

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