20 People Who Got EXACTLY What They Deserved

Karma is a funny thing where people often get what they deserve. 

Particularly when someone eventually gets their karmic payback, which can often be rather funny. 

If you don’t believe in karma then you will after seeing these hilarious pictures we sourced online.

#1 Wonder If She Will Forgive Him?

Classy girl Emily!!

#2 Red Alert!

A splash of colour will brighten up his day.

#3 Who Is More Sneaky?

He got her name inked on his arm and left his ass!!

#4 Will This Come Off?

Maybe he will need an expert to remove it.

#5 Don’t Get Mad, Just Get Even.

One way of getting your point across.

#6 Ohhhh Sheet!

Not the warmest welcome home.

#7 Nuts About You!

She took his nuts, let’s just hope he realizes before taking the Blazer out for a spin.

#8 Miss Me When I’m Gone.

#9 When You Want To Get Rid Of Junk.

Have a yard sale and take your pick…

#10 Real Cheesy!

When selecting a new room mate please specify they “Must Not Like Kraft Dinner!”

#11 Dear Dave…

This one’s gonna hurt his pockets.

#12 Independence Sale….

The content cracks me up.

#13 Just Being A Good Neighbour.

#14 Banner Fun!

Linnie the cat’s out of the bag…

#15 Something Smells Off!!

This was a real stinker…

#16 Congratulations!!

This newspaper ad was an epic way to seek revenge.

#17 This Could Be Messy!

#18 Scavenger Hunt!

Created a scavenger hunt with clues for him to get his stuff after being caught cheating.

#19 When You Discover Your Wife Is Paul Bunyan’s Daughter.

#20 A Sign For Michael!

Jennifer gathered more evidence than the CIA and FBI.

Here are some more extra ones just incase you have not had enough!

Never mess with Martial arts!

Karmadillo anybody? 🙂

That’s a nice way to get your stolen bike back!

Serves him right!

This man really did not care but they boy really did!

Karma at its finest, I wonder did he return for a refund?

That must hurt his ego…

I wonder what his truck looks like now? Snowman still looking good!

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