Crazy Things Banned in Schools Around The World

School life can be rather intense for children especially when teachers ban things. Then you have puberty added in it becomes a whole lot more complicated. Take a look below at some of the insane stuff which schools around the world have banned.


A number of American schools claim that it may be a potential risk carrying your backpack or bag into a classroom because of all the weapons that can be brought inside. You are only allowed to bring books and stationery supplies. Backpacks remain in a locker.


Several schools in the states have banned tags! Apparently it prevents children from getting hurt both physically and emotionally.

Halloween and Christmas

All halloween wear has been banned by the Oregon school district board and they have also stole Christmas from the Grinch!

Shorts for boys

A British school introduced a new dress code for its male students during a heatwave last summer: no shorts inside the classrooms. The following day 30 boys showed up at school wearing skirts.

Birthday party invitations

A British school only allowed birthday party invites if all students were invited. “It is uninclusive and unkind, otherwise.”


Schools in the US started banned “aggressive and unsafe” dodgeball about seventeen years ago. Now this game is banned almost everywhere in the US.

Best friends

A school in south-west London has forbidden children from having best friends because teachers felt it can be disturbing for boys when relationships end


An American school banned UGG boots as when in the classroom students were hiding their cell phones in them. Students must change now into a pair of sneakers instead.


A Connecticut school banned hoodies in its classrooms because it’s another way of hiding a smartphone in the front pocket of a hoodie.

Father’s day cards

Scottish schools have banned cards for dads on Father’s Day to sympathise with kids who live with only moms. What about kids with only dads?


Facebook is pure evil according to an all-girls Jewish school in New York, girls should not be allowed use it. Teachers feel it makes girls less modest.

Yoga pants and leggings

A high school in Massachusetts felt yoga pants and leggings on the grounds were not appropriate outfits so they updated their dress code banning girls from wearing them.

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