Unfortunate Spray Tans People Were Cool Enough To Share

However silly and Trump-ish you may look after a fake tan, no one will argue that a spray tan is a much safer alternative to the traditional UV lamps. The only issue is, at least with UV tanning you’re able to evenly bronze all over your body, save for maybe your butt crack and where your goggles go (again, see Trump), but with spray tans, you inherit a whole host of new problems. Recently Instagram users were brave enough to share some of their fails. Learn from them.

#1 When you’re just so happy to be tan.

#2 When you walked out of the salon looking like bright orange leopards.

#3 When you feel there is nothing worse in the world than a bad spray tan.

#4 When you all get home and realize they missed a few spots.

#5 When looking yourself in the mirror like:

#6 When your friend says to you:

“Wana get spray tanned”

#7 And then you all come out feeling like:

#8 But the technician makes you guys fan you own self-dry like:

#9 When your friend points out how orange you all look.

#10 When spray tan looks like blood donation bandage

#11 When white armpits turn into a shape you never wanted

#12 When you forget to pull all of your hair back

#13 Also avoid breakup after you go tanning.

#14 When the spray tan fades.

#15 This girl got a last-minute tan for prom. Definitely, would advise against trying that.

#16 Oh, and never breastfeed your baby after spray tanning.

#17 “When your perfect spray tan record finally ends…”

#18 When your foot fail is so good, the wedding photographer captures it

#19 Pro Tip: Tie your hair back, but DON’T us a hair net to do it.

#20 When the spray gun gets stuck and won’t stop spraying

#21 When you raise your “blotchy ass hand”

#22 Brutally honest expression selfie

#23 When she messed up her tan.

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