These People Asked To Be Roasted And Regretted It Immediately

The internet is full of people just raring to say something mean about you. Surprisingly, some people actively seek this out, taking to the r/roastme subreddit to have people hurl some truly painful insults their way.

Anyone will tell you that eyebrow styling is one of the hardest aspects of doing makeup – and for some people, it shows. This person took to r/roastme, at which point they were thoroughly picked at for their artificial-looking eyebrows.

You won’t believe the things some of these people said when asked to roast others. From funny to insulting to downright outrageous, these comments will make you laugh. How would you roast some of these people?


This poor kid didnt know what was coming.


This guy didn’t have to go so hard but he did.


This is going to play with their minds for the rest of their lives.


Master has given Dobby a sock.




Harry Potter has left the chat.


She has starred in recreations and park.


A young girl with an old soul.


This guy was out to get someone that day and she was just in the way.


His brother must be happy.


We’re all losers in this scenario.


and they look fabulous.


Error 404: self-esteem not found.


Why bring cats into this?


It’s Professor Smeagol thank you.


She’s probably angry but you there’s no way of telling.


All the way to the heavens.


Gingers get no love anyway.


The place, the pairing and the tattoos. Nothing was spared that day.


What’s the opposite of a lottery?


That expression was a choice.


Is she 13, is she 33 or is she just Benjamin button?


Moment of silence for our fallen brother.




The second one must have cut deep.


Why do kids do this to themselves?


Both of them say ‘punch me’.


She cares about the environment, okay?


Stay in school kids and off the internet.


Do their mothers know they’re online?


or is it the other way around?


Serial Killer handwriting?

Also check.


She looks like she was bullied into uploading.


It’s the missing eye for us.


Eyes so far apart, glasses companies hate her.


Strange that multiple people came to the same conclusion.


Marilyn has also left the chat.


This is a little too specific and oddly on point.


She’s just mature for her age.


and an expression that says, ‘I’m going to regret this.’

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