Women Are Comparing Pictures Of Their Bodies Having The Same Weight But Looking Completely Different

Fitness freak women are sharing side-by-side pictures of their bodies where they weigh the same but look very different thanks to healthy eating and the change in their routine. They are proof that the number on the scale does not always reflect progress and that you can get fit without losing weight. “THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY BODY. But there was EVERYTHING wrong with the way I viewed it, and how I treated it”

1. “These pics are 7 years apart and I weighed the exact same in both of them. Isn’t that crazy?”

The before and after pictures of these women make us realize that losing weight is not everything when it comes to fitness. Most of the time when you pick a healthy lifestyle and the scale doesn’t show it, you get demotivated without observing how the form of your body is changing and getting better day by day.

Here these amazing body transformations act as a reminder that the scale is not the final arbiter of healthy living and that one needs to stop linking fitness to this number.

In fact, how about we change the famous phrase ‘when you look good, you feel good,’ and make it to ‘when you feel good, you look good.’ And we all know that we feel good when we eat good and these pictures are living proof of this.

2. “I know the difference between eating well and eating poorly…”

“And if a day happens where I binge eat cake and a tub of butter, I leave it at just that. A day that happened.”

3. “It took me 7 years of ducking around. ⁣Trying new diets.⁣ & FINALLY educating myself.”

4. “Proof that the number on the scale does not always reflect progress! 130 pounds vs. 130 pounds”

5. “I can now say I’m 140lbs in both pics again.”

6. “In ALL these pics I am the same weight! The only difference in the pics on the right I was eating clean and lifting heavy weights!”

7. “Don’t give up.”

8. “Baby that smile and confidence I got now is something I dreamed of two years ago.”

9. “In case you didn’t know… the scale is a LIAR!”

10. “On the left, just a few weeks ago, I’ve learned to have a positive relationship with food, I lift weights, and recognize the importance of rest”

11. “This is why taking progress pictures is important!”

12. “Relying on the scale is a dangerous game, likely to leave you hurt.”

13. “On the left I was binge eating, drinking way too much, and had the WORST mindset when it came to food and my body…”

14. “One of the biggest lessons I learned throughout my fitness journey (& life) is to stop expecting instant results.”

15. Same weight: 140 in both.

16. “Ultimately, it’s how you FEEL in your own skin!”

17. Take that progress photo and clap for yourself for working towards your health.

18. “THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH MY BODY. But there was EVERYTHING wrong with the way I viewed it, and how I treated it”

19. “Body composition is everything.”

20. “200 lbs 4 years ago and 200 lbs today.”

21. “She kept showing up, even after a hard day or week.”

22. “By the way: looking at my BMI I‘m overweight in both pictures.”

23. Getting fit and healthy at the exact same weight.

24. “Same weight but 2 years apart.”

25. Transforming over time.

26. “Just when I thought I wasn’t making progress I’m actually killing it!”

27. “No, I didn’t lose 5lbs I actually GAINED them!”

28. “Pull up an old pic and compare it to the same shirt today.”

29. “After hitting the gym 2-3 times a week.”

30. “Today, Snapchat reminded me how far I’ve come. 2 years ago vs now.”

31. “Watch what’s next!”

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