Stray Senior Cat With Serious Medical Issues Went Through An Amazing Transformation

Stray cats are already miserable, there’s no denying that. But some stray cats are even more miserable than others due to their living situation, their age and their health condition. Even after they’re saved, such animals are also the least likely to be adopted, and many shelters still choose to give up on them because of countless troubles that they’re not ready to deal with.

Frisbee, however, was a lucky boy. When the rescuers of the Lowell TNR Coalition found him a while ago, the poor boy was covered in dirt and mats as a result of so many days wandering on the streets. Even though he was rescued, this cat surely had a long way to go to finally get to live peacefully like a normal cat, and thankfully, the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society (MRFRS) in Salisbury, Massachusetts had kindly taken him in.

“He originally was found outside, severely matted (worst we have ever seen) and very hungry,” the shelter shared about Frisbee. “He was caught as part of a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program, and was discovered to be friendly.”

Frisbee was about 10 years old back then. Looking at his messy appearance, anyone could tell that this boy had spent a long time struggling on the streets. After feeding the unfortunate cat, the very first thing they did was shaving off his matted fur and tangles, which took them hours. But that’s not all of his problems.

“Half of his teeth were missing,” the MRFRS continued. “The ones that remained were so far gone that they all had to be removed. He had a very stubborn stomatitis infection in his mouth which requires life long medication.”

The pitiful kitty was also tested positive for FIV – another reason for any shelter to abandon him again, but thankfully MRFRS didn’t do that. Frisbee was staying with them for months to overcome serious health issues and during that tough time, he was always very glad to show them his love and gratitude.

Eventually, thanks to their care, Frisbee was ready for adoption. The ginger boy quickly found someone who truly adored him.

“I knew I had to make the 1-1/2 hour drive up to Salisbury to visit him. It was love at first sight,” said his new mom Donna Atkins after seeing his pictures on the internet. “He is so content being a pampered house cat and it is all because of you, MRFRS! I’ll be sending a donation in Buffy’s name and I thank you for everything you do for those who cannot speak for themselves! You guys rock!”

Well Donna, you rock too! Buffy (formerly called Frisbee) is now enjoying a great life with Donna alongside his sister Baby.

Look how gorgeous he became!

Thanks to amazing people like the staff at MRFRS, our world is still a beautiful world. Have a nice life, Buffy!

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