Dog Gives Sweet Kisses To Firefighter Who Rescued Him From Roof

The adorable video shows a Husky is kissing a firefighter to thank him for saving him. This pup was so happy to be rescued by a firefighter and he couldn’t hold back kissing his hero man.

It happened when the authorities in Maine received multiple calls about a dog stuck on the roof of a house. The firefighter who arrived to help had climbed out of an upstairs window to save the pup. Getting up on the rooftop, the firefighter managed to coax the dog back inside and eventually brought him down.

The dog and his rescuer, both were into this kind of situation for the first time and the happy dog is so thankful to extend his gratitude by kissing him! Nothing else can be better than this pure love from a helpless pup! You’ll love its lovely nature and they will teach you a lot about LOVE!


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