Photos That Everyone Is Tired Of Seeing On Their Instagram Feed

There are certain types of Instagram pictures everyone hates.

There’s little people won’t do to be trendy. Regular social network users post hundreds of millions of photos trying to get as many likes as possible. The majority of them are so typical and similar, that they already start getting annoying. Their quantities are so high that people working with statistics could probably make entire databases about them, and psychologists could trace common character traits.

Social media users post hundreds of millions of photos in an attempt to get multiple likes. Most of the images are so similar they become annoying.

Let’s take a look at these most common types of Instagram pictures below.

1. Multiple photos with cartoon faces filters.

2. This is how we all relax in the bathtub….oh don’t forget the glass of wine.

3. Sticker face is an excellent solution to protect your child’s image …or maybe just leave the kid out.

4. Just your usual casual dining on a Saturday night.

5. Flat out after an hour in the gym!!

6. ‘Belfie’ is another philosophy.

7. Check out that new manicure (also take note of logo on the steering wheel.)

8. That’s exactly what was on her mind.

9. Show off your culinary skills!!

10. Don’t advertise just give recommendations…it’s more believable

11. Don’t look at the camera the photos come out more amazing.

12. Take a picture of the tickets or it will be like the trip never happened.

13. Running circles around everyone.

14. Anyone else in knee’d of a holiday?

15. Food creativity…..

16. Remember be honest and tell your subscribers the truth.

17. Upload your child’s everyday moments in life.

18. So busy i took a picture of my lovely cup of coffee.

19. Insta perfect….

20. The quote collecter…..

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