Fairytale-Like Horses Captured By Photographer Roaming Iceland’s Epic Landscape’s

Photographer Drew Doggett is known for traveling all over the world, photographing extraordinary landscapes, people, and cultures. One of his most stunning series to date, titled In the Realm of Legends, captures the one-of-a-kind beauty of Icelandic horses, who majestically roam the surrounding territory.

These horses accompanied with the stunning landscape are a great combination of myth and fantasy.

During his time in Iceland, Doggett lived on a farm where hundreds of horses roamed. He was initially drawn to the fairy-tale-like landscape by old folklore tales.

Such takes included the famous, eight-legged Icelandic horse named Sleipnir who is believed to be the spirit animal of the mythological god, Odin. This incredible photo series highlights the relationship between the majestic breed of semi-wild horses—who are believed by some to be the “real-world” descendants of Sleipnir—and the extreme environment that they live in.

The landscape features snow-covered expanses, roaring waterfalls, black sandy beaches, and icy lagoons.

The majestic horses gallop, graze, and blend in well to the harsh, yet stunning earth in which they reside. 

The photos are absolutely stunning!

Check out some of Doggett’s additional video footage.

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