People Having A Worse Day Than You

Although our days can’t really be categorised as good or bad, there are times when it just seems everything is going against you! Simple bad luck, a moment of foolishness or an irritating coincidence, you need a sense of humour to take such irritations in your stride! But how better to put your own daily bugbears into perspective, than to (yes just admit it) have a laugh at the expense of others who are definitely having it worse! So if you’re having a bad day, remember, it’s probably not the worst that could happen…..

1/ We’re not sure the bolognese will be as tasty with the extra ingredient….

What a waste!

2/ Best excuse ever for being late for school!

On the other hand, we are less sure that the home owner will appreciate the new decor…

3/ Talk about backing yourself into a corner

We suspect he didn’t think this through….

4/ Just no luck…

Well at least it makes a change from getting your key stuck in the lock, if it’s your lock stuck on the key!

5/ Whoever got locker number 68 for the year!

Try to look on the bright side, no one is too likely to try to force open the door!

6/ When you put too much trust in what it says on the packaging….

An original look, but perhaps not too office-friendly.

7/ How to create a warm cosy atmosphere for your birthday party

Well they got the ‘warm’ bit right….

8/ He realises his mistake half way through the work day

Well if he walks fast enough, maybe no one will notice?

9/ It could be just a regular barbecue…

… But we don’t know exactly who is going to eat exactly what!

10/ Well that’s a great start to the day

You just know it was a Monday….

11/ Every woman’s nightmare

How better to ruin your outfit. If you don’t break your ankle while you’re at it…

12/ An unfortunate slip…

And when you think of how long it must have taken… Our little hearts break for this person!

13/ The wrong place at the wrong time

What happens when a porcupine falls out of a tree and lands on your head. We feel her pain. (And the pain of the doctor who is going to have to deal with this mess.)

14/ It’s really not this person’s day

When the strict laws of gravity just won’t let up on you!

15/ What happens when you don’t respect the road signs!

The photographer waited a mere 24 years, but finally his patience was rewarded!

16/ Afraid of snakes?

Watch out the next time you get into your car!

17/ Self-peeling bananas

We hope she’s hungry!

18/ As if having to shovel snow from the footpath wasn’t enough!

A word to the wise: snow storms and open windows do not mix.

19/ When a bird ruins your motivation for work

He definitely did that on purpose!

20/ Really?

Maybe the aisle seat isn’t so bad, after all…

21/ The joys of having room mates with a sense of humour….

Especially after this poor guy had told them he had a job interview that day…

22/ A fairly timely purchase!

But you’ll have to find another way to open the package…

23/ Catch 22…

… Or else the most intelligent spider in the world!

24/ Literally just one step behind, every time

Friday the 13th has never been more real.

25/ Oops…

Well you did want to ‘open the door’?

26/ The worst thing that could possibly happen when you work in a supermarket

Especially when it’s almost closing time…

27/ Looks like you’re walking home….

Just why, world, why?

28/ When you take the window seat to be left in peace..

But the person behind you has other ideas!

29/ The best way of clearing out your presses…

… And of redecorating your kitchen!

30/ When a crocodile steals your mobile phone…

What we don’t know is whether the owner was brave enough to go and get it!

So among these situations, as annoying as they are funny, which would be the worst for you?

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