15 Funny Selfies That Will Leave You In Fits

People love capturing moments. Some people are good at taking pictures or selfies. Yet there are some silly people out there who capture funny selfies. The trends are changing more towards selfies, and by making stupid faces, these selfies become the best. We have jotted down a few funny selfies from brainless people that will make you laugh.

Naughty Elephant

Some people really go far just for the sake of taking selfies. Kim Kardashian was among those people. She tried to take a selfie with a baby elephant with full excitement, but unfortunately, the baby elephant didn’t like it. It seems as if the elephant was trying to say, “ No pictures, please.” Later, the baby elephant decided to blow air out of his massive trunk, which created a panicky fit in Kim. Always consider your surroundings before taking a selfie.

Spider-Man Technique

Boys will be boys, after all. They come up with such unique ideas that never come across in our minds. Here is a unique way to tell your friends or girlfriend that you are sleeping. Unfortunately, this poor guy had a big selfie fail. How dumb he could be by not realizing that there was a mirror in the background that shows what he is up to. Lying always ends up ruining relationships. We hope he manages to save his relationship.

Prom Fail

How sweet is this, a father taking a picture of his son before his prom party? It looks like the father forgot to wear his pants. The kid must be thinking after seeing this picture, “why dad? Why?”. It must be fun for them now if they go back to the old memories. Honestly, great job, dad, for making your son look handsome.

Miss Pigi

We know selfies are obsessive. Mirror selfies are popular these days. Taking pictures needs certain techniques. Not only do you need to check the background but don’t forget to check what is in the front. Try not to be this girl who could not realize what was going on. Her face in the regular mirror clearly isn’t what she was going for. Her huge nose reflected in the mirror is hilarious. Nose jobs aren’t the only option; sometimes, just a different angle would work!

I Scream You Scream Gimme That Ice Cream

Good camera positioning and angles take the best picture. But this poor girl tries to take her selfie with ice cream and looks like her dog didn’t like that. We hope this girl really knows what she is doing by teasing her dog with food, hmm…not a good idea. Try not to mess with your own dog; you will have nothing left to eat.

Caught Redhanded

Bathroom mirror selfies are common and popular. Pictures taken in the washroom often turn out to be funny selfies. Before taking selfies, people forget to do certain things, just like this girl forgot to lock her bathroom door. This would have been so embarrassing and funny for the girl! Imagine you take your selfie, and your mom is photobombing your picture. We hope this girl is not in trouble as her mom does not look so happy.

Daddy On Duty

Babysitting is tough for daddies. They go too far to make their kids happy. Just like this guy did. Putting a wig on and dressing up with full makeup just to keep your little daughter happy because daddies can’t see their daughters cry. Unfortunately, the effort goes all wrong. Looking at her daughter’s reaction, it seems like she doesn’t want anything to do with her father right now!


Should we call it photobombing or a spooky picture? Always check your background before taking selfies. Look like the girl is unaware of what is behind that shower curtain. Her heart would have skipped a beat when she would have seen the picture afterward. That eye looks creepy, and this girl must have beaten up that hidden guy after she got to know.

Selfie Inception

Selfie within a selfie. This guy must have been taking a picture of himself with his dog, and this girl photobombed it. When you are in hilly areas or in public places, such things happen to you while taking selfies. She is so busy taking her selfie that she could not realize she is in another selfie. But I wonder how this guy could have ignored it. Some people get really stupid when they are out.

Finding Food

We always give and choose the best for ourselves. This guy did the same, all dressed up going for a prom party all suited booted, but hey you little champ, you forgot to give food to your cat. This guy has no idea regarding what is happening at the back even while taking the selfie. The poor cat trying to help herself to find food and ended up looking in a toilet seat. His attempt at taking a sleek photo turned out as a pretty funny selfie.

Untidy Look

Getting ready for a party is not an easy task especially, for girls. We can clearly see that in the picture above. Seems like this girl doesn’t care about how her background looks. She only cares about how she looks. You can actually see the effort it took for her to look like that! A mirror selfie with a clean background is so important. Otherwise, you will end up taking pictures like these. How untidy is this selfie! I am sure this is not what she intended!

Mommies These Days

Selfies are making people go crazy. They actually get zoned out of their normal life and forget what is happening in their surroundings. Just like this mum forgot his son in a tub full of water just to click her perfect selfie. We wonder where the world is going. All the mummies out there, please watch out for your kids; otherwise, you will end up regretting it.

Keeping All Together

Another very famous selfie is a group selfie. In this picture, you can see how a team is celebrating its win. Something is odd in this picture. Do you see it? They didn’t realize while taking a group picture that one of them is in the shower. Was that intentional so that everyone is included or was that an oops moment?

I can never understand how people get so blind while taking selfies that they can’t see a naked guy in the background!

Reflections Don’t Lie

Most people can relate to this image. We all have spoken this lie to one another at least once in our lives. Selfies are the true face of any person. Look how this guy’s lie got caught through his selfie. Reflections are dangerous at times for some people. How confidently he poses for the traffic as he might be getting late for somewhere and how intelligent was the next person that he caught his lie. The real funny selfie is the one caught in his sunglasses.

Out Of Focus

Most of the time, our cameras screw us, and that’s exactly what happened here with this stud. This boy seems happy while taking the picture but looks like the horse is the true hero here. The camera decided to get out of focus, and the horse decided to show his backside. I am sure, next time this guy would give his phone cam to someone sensible.

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