30 People That Coincidentally Blended In With Their Surroundings

Imagine one day you put on a particular sweater, top, or even socks only to realize later that day that it actually camouflages your surrounding. 

It’s not often that a person would accidentally match up with a place they are in so, when it does happen it’s hilarious.

Take a look at the following people who realized their hilarious camouflage blunder.

1. So my friend checked into a random hotel, and this happened.

2. Socks. Where are my feet??!

3. Wearing the floor

4. Camouflage level: Grade 8

5. Fire hydrant/Minion cosplay

6. Honey where are you?

7. Who wore it better?

8. When you see it

9. Camouflage level over 9000

10. Urban camouflage of Milwaukee

11. Urban camo

12. Camouflage level: girlfriend

13. My shoe blended in with the tiles in a cinema bathroom

14. He doesn’t look too happy to look like the couch of this restaurant

15. The carpet was dressed like my favourite colleague

16. So this coincidentally happened

17. Camouflage bathing suit

18. Little girl and her little friends

19. Rob vs Couch

20. This bathroom towel looks familiar!

21. Foliage Frolics.

22. Someone call the fashion police

23. Let’s play ball.

24. Trainspotter.

25. Watch your step.

26. What are the chances.

27. When the carpet matches your dress.

28. At one with nature.

29. Can you tell she is wearing shoes?

30. A rest in tweed.

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