27 Totally Embarrassing Family Photos

A lot of families are actually a lot more embarrassing than yours.

Many of us have family photos that we hope that nobody but ourselves ever get to see. When you see the following pictures, you will suddenly realize that your family seems much less of a disaster.

Chances are you’ll get a good laugh looking at these pictures.

1. When the role of propping up your sister continues from childhood to adulthood.

2. Let me check what you had for dinner yesterday.

3. A quick snap after a home birth in the inflatable pool; smile for the camera!

4. The poor dog; the three pack may have been cheaper, but does not make it much better.

5. You’ve been framed.

6. Is your head filled with questions like mine?

7. This is a particularly disturbing kind of wedding with no explanation whatsoever.

8. Happy feeding.

9. Overzealous dog.

10. It certainly looks that they made the best of the sale on T-shirts.

However, Molly, the girl in the middle must be having problems expressing her enthusiasm.

11. The Voorhees family sends their greetings this season.

12. Don’t chicken out of this one.

13. A little sip of beer harmed anyone.

14. A scene from karate kid…

15. All Pow Wowed out.

16. When you have no clue what’s going on.

17. This seems like a wonderful picture opportunity…..OOPS wait!

18. Yip, that ‘manotaur’ is my dad.

19. Why mum?

20. Ready for our space mission.

21.When hunger strikes.

22. Negotiations begin.

23. You can’t have a picture without tears.

24. Aye aye captain.

25. Lumber jack life.

26. Choooo choooo chooose to be crazy.

27. Nappyman to the rescue.

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