13 Signs That He Is The Right Man For You

No matter how many heartbreaks you went through, there will always be the ‘right man’ for you. The right man will not be the one in movies who is close to perfection. The right man will never be a perfect one, but he always does his best to make you happy. He has his own share of imperfections, but you embrace them because you love him.

13 signs that he is the right man for you:

1. There is a natural connection when you are together.

You can really compare from the relationships you had in the past that he is different. Your conversations with him are so natural. You do not have to force anything because when you are with him, everything seems so easy.

2. He is your soulmate.

You feel so secure when you are with him. You feel that the world is not too big when you are with him. You can withstand anything when he is with you.

3. He is your answered prayer.

You prayed for him for the longest time. You both have faith in each other. You do not agree on some things, but respect is always there for both of you.

4. His intentions for you are not just for a short-term relationship, but long term.

He does his best in his endeavors because he wants to settle down with you when the right time comes.

5. When he is mad with you, he remains composed and silent.

He does not want to be able to say anything that will hurt you. He does not resort to abusing you to vent how he feels.

6. He can deal with you no matter what happens.

He is patient with you. He can handle your bad days. He can handle your breakdown. He is there in times that you need a helping hand.

7. He makes you a better person.

He makes you grounded and humble. He motivates you to give back to the community. He inspires you to be better in general.

8. You can really see yourself spending the rest of your life with him.

You can see yourself with him growing old together. He is also good at dealing with kids, which is a major turn-on for you.

9. Your gut feeling says that he is really the one.

You love him for no exact reason. You love him for who he is. Love you with all your heart. You also promise to yourself that you will equate whatever effort he makes.

10. Your mom, family member, and friends really approve of him.

As they say, our moms can also tell if the one we love is good for us. He easily gets well with her. He respects her and the people around you.

11. He shows consistency with his love for you.

Consistency is a big factor to know when he is serious with his love and intentions. He is consistent and true to his promises to you.

12. He owns up to his mistakes and will do better moving forward.

He apologizes when there is a need to. He does not have huge pride.

13. He is grateful to have you in his life.

He is grateful to have you because you added color to his life. Everything becomes easier when you do things together.

The right man for you is never perfect. You have to do your part too. You have to show maturity when tough situations happen. Your relationship will never work if it is purely one-sided. You have to do the work too. You have to be there for him. You have to make him feel that better days will be happening too.

You have to understand that he will have bad days. There will be days that he is not the best version of himself. There will be days that he is tired. You have to be ready to make sacrifices for each other.

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