Look at that Black Baby Galapagos Tortoise. It’s worth $ 7000

Feast your eyes upon this all black Galapagos tortoise hatching at the Three Jays Tortoise Sanctuary in Florida.

When the breeding started, only 14 turtles from the island of Española remained. Now, the population has exceeded 1,000. A total of 15 species of Galapagos tortoises have been identified in the Galapagos Islands, two of which have become extinct and 12 are endangered.

How much does a Galapagos turtle cost?

-1 or more: $6,995.00/ea

Do Galapagos turtles bite?

They lack teeth, but their jaws are lined with horny sharp ridges, which come together like a pair of pinking shears. Some types of turtles and tortoises will bite defensively, but these gentle creatures almost never will. However, if a person should misjudge while offering them food, a large tortoise could easily remove a finger.

all black tortoise

Credit: @crittercatchermeg

Megan says the green paint on his carapace (top shell) is to indicate what clutch this baby came from.

According to her, this species is an endangered Galapagos tortoise, one of many the sanctuary has bred for conservation purposes.

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