14 Things Your Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health

Eyes, aren’t just the window to your soul. Our eyes can also give insight into your health which can often signify serious conditions. 

Many of these signs can be noticed once you know what to look for. 

Here’s are 14 things your eyes can reveal about your health: 

#1. White spots on the eye cornea

This problem is rather common among people who wear contact lenses. It can mean that you have some corneal infection. Without timely and proper treatment this condition may cause serious problems.

#2. A white circle around the iris

In the majority of cases tit is a sign of ageing. However it can be a sign of some serious health conditions. These circles can mean that you suffer from high cholesterol levels.

#3. Red eyes

Sometimes we have red eyes if we spend a lot of time on our computers or mobile phone. If there is no other obvious reason, then it can be a sign of some health problems, like glaucoma, diabetes and high intracranial pressure.

#4. Dry eyes

This problem can cause discomfort. It’s usually an allergy but can also indicate some more serious problems, like immune system disorder, more known like Sjogren’s syndrome.

#5. Colorless specks in front of the eyes

If this occurrence of this increases over time, then visit your doctor. These specks can indicate retinal tear or detachment.

#6. Swollen red eyes

Usually a symptom to due lack of sleep or fatigue. However if you sleep enough and aren’t tired, it means you might have other problems.

#7. A yellow spot near the iris

This spot can occur because of age or wind and dust, which irritate your eyes. However, this thing has no impact on your vision.

#8. Tears

If you experience involuntary tears rather often, you may suffer from such thing as dry eye. This condition occurs because you spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen and overload your eyes.

#9. Disappearing image in the visual field

If you can’t see some parts of your visual field, it can be a sign of migraine. It can be combined with headaches. There is no treatment, but you should know that eye migraine has no any bad impact on your health.

#10. Blurred picture

If you have blurred vision, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible. It can be a sign of diabetes or even cataracts. As you can see, both health conditions are rather dangerous, so you shouldn’t ignore this problem.

#11. Eye twitch

We all experience this condition at times. If it occurs too often it can be a sign of stress. Stress can cause weight gain, which in its turn can provoke other serious health conditions.

#12. Yellow Eye Whites

Most often, the cause lies in the decrease in the functionality of the liver and bile ducts. Yellowness may become the main symptom of hepatitis.

#13. Bulging

There are cases when our eyes seem to bulge. Sometimes it can be caused by genetics. But if there are no reasons for this condition, then you may have problems with thyroid.

#14. Double vision

This problem is rather rare but also rather dangerous. It can be a sign of stroke, so you should visit your doctor immediately. As a rule, loss of vision or dim vision also indicate the stroke.

#14. Eyebrows

We generally don’t pay much attention to our eyebrows. However if you have disappearing eyebrows (a third part of your eyebrow disappears), it could indicate thyroid disease.

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