The most beautiful horse in the world looks like he is made out of gold

What humans have been doing for thousands of years with animals is both good and bad. I am talking about breeding. Breeding animals started thousands of years ago when people started to realize that if they breed the strongest or best-looking animals between their kinds amongst each other and let the weakest ones die off without breeding they would get cattle that give them better milk and better meat to eat. They would get dogs that are more loyal or healthier chickens that produce better quality eggs. 

Breeding is seen today as a normal thing. We even breed our dog with other good looking or stronger dogs in order to get even better offspring. That explains why there are cute and expensive breeds that live like royalty and other ‘road’ dogs that look normal and in most of the time are found in a shelter waiting to be adopted by a family that will hopefully not treat them bad.

This happens because of law of survival. Even people were bred like this but they just have been unaware of it. Females pick the strongest and most good looking man in order to have good looking healthy babies. The people with illness have a low chance of finding a partner and if they do they find the same quality partner often giving birth to babies who are not that good looking or have more complications. That is what has happened with this Akhal-Teke breed of horse. 

They have been bred with each other for almost 3000 years and the result is just breathtaking. These horses are bred together because they give strong, healthy and beautiful looking offspring. These Akhal-Teke breed of horses look like they have been made of gold and their skin shines like it has been dipped in oil. This is due to the fact that their skin has developed a unique mutation to reflect the sun’s rays. This is what gives them that shiny golden flawless skin. 

It is said that these horses have developed this cool mutation because they were designed to travel through the desert. So their skin keeps them from sucking in the sun rays and getting hot fast and also for camouflage purposes. They are good at camouflaging in the dessert due to their golden skin. 

There are only 3500 horses like this still living among us and the number is very concerning. These horses might be soon listed as endangered species and that is just so sad because they have been titled one the most beautiful creatures existing in modern times. They are often found in Kazakhstan, a developed state in western Asia where these horses are often kept as a symbol of the state and often trained to participate in races. 

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