Man Spotted With Tiny Kitten On Subway Is Restoring People’s Faith In Humanity

Rather than leave the helpless kitten there to fend for herself, he rescued her and took it upon himself to keep her cozy and fed.

“My heart felt like it was going to explode to see someone with that much caring”

Gillian Rogers was riding the New York City subway on her way home when a man sitting right in front of her caught her eye. At first, the man seemed just like your average NY freak, sitting on the subway with an orange towel covering his lap.

It only took a few seconds for the woman to realize the man was not alone.

And in a flash, it perked up her mood.

He was cradling a tiny kitten wrapped in a towel, on his lap,

“He was bottle-feeding her,” Rogers told The Dodo. “You could see the caring. My heart felt like it was going to explode to see someone with that much caring. He was so in the moment.”

It wasn’t just the sight of the adorable kitten that made the scene so special for Roberts; it was the intense, almost clear feelings of tenderness and care that the man seemed to exude whilst tending to the little cat.

After watching the adorable pair for a bit, Rogers felt compelled to find out more — so she decided to approach the man to ask about how he’d met the kitten.

“We had a chat,” she said. “He told me he’d found the kitten alone between two buildings.”

“The kitten was looking up at him as he fed her,” Rogers said. “It was so heartwarming. I told him, ‘Thank you.’”

Rogers’ stop eventually arrived and she had to leave before she could ask the man his name, but not before thanking him. Despite parting ways as strangers, the fact that she witnessed the man’s loving spirit had made Rogers’ day seem brighter and full of hope.

“It was truly a special moment. When I got off the train, I felt like I was walking on air,” Rogers said. “I felt joyful — like, it renewed my faith in humanity. There are still decent people out there.”

“I had no idea the photo was going to resonate as it has. It makes me happy,” she said. “I think we all need something to cheer us up.”

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