23 Hilarious Beauty Fails That Every Woman Can Relate To

Every woman can definitely relate to these epic beauty fails, from bed sheets smeared in fake tan to dodgy contouring.

They happen to us all, some worse than other. But hey when it comes to beauty you’ll try anything.

Take a look at the following pictures which are some of the worst beauty fails you will see and feel glad they didn’t happen to you.

When your lip liner gets a little bit out of control.

Sugar Lips

Looks and tastes sweet.

Try avoid getting dumped immediately after getting a spray tan.

This poor girl knows better now than to date guys like this. At least wait until the color is set, dude.

Moms just want to help!

But sometimes they don’t know best.

We’ve all picked the wrong foundation color.

But usually, it turns out less…Oompa Loompa.


For some reason this young lady decided she would paint her face a neon pink… then joked about taking the paint company to court

Always check the brush you use before you use it.

It might have a hidden blade and chop off half your hair.

Um, who is this face mask made for exactly?

Babies need soft skin, too, I guess.

Haven’t we all accidentally glued our eyes open with eyelash glue?

Some mistakes are worse than others maybe just for this person.

This foamy face mask wouldn’t stop expanding on this woman’s face

Well, this is horrifying, it actually makes her look like quite a cute cartoon character!

This is a future beauty mistake just waiting to happen.

Oh dear its not going to be pretty.

There is such a thing as too much eyeshadow.

Be careful. There are plenty people who messed up their beauty routine big time.

Hair dye does not always go as planned.

Unless you planned on looking like a lunchbox snack.

Regina George could probably make this look work.

But most of us cannot.

You know how sometimes you accidentally dye your entire face orange?

Just cooking with turmeric stains your fingers for days, this is not going away any time soon.

How does something like this happen?

Her hair isn’t even red? More beauty mistakes this way!

No, wait, how does THIS happen?

Well, now you have to shave them both off for symmetry, right?

Hair curler burns are bad enough without not getting paid for sponsorship.


It’s always before a big event.

They grow back, right?

It turns out that breastfeeding and spray tans do not go hand in hand.

Well, now the baby has to get a spray tan to even him out.

Men can have beauty fails, too!

Ooops, have you ever had a huge beauty mishap?

Not to forget Angelina Jolie who made this huge blunder!

She must have used the same makeup artist as Mylie Cyrus

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