12 Cosplayers Who Nailed It Big Time In Turning Themselves Into Cartoon Characters

If you’ve never heard of cosplaying you better start looking into it because it’s getting pretty popular. In fact, it’s becoming a thing of the millennial age. People are starting to dress head to toe in costumes that go from cartoon characters to movie roles for events and programs.

Those who love everything related to comics are the ones who are really involved in cosplaying. They’ve added a lot to this culture and people from all around the world get together and mimic their favorite characters. Of course, sometimes the costumes are a hit or miss.

Making these costumes involves a ton of hard work. People try really hard to look as much as the character they are trying to portray. Here are a few cosplayers who perfectly nailed at looking just like their favorite characters. It’s pretty cool to see!

1. I can’t imagine how hard it is to portray a Pixar character, but this girl did an incredible job. She dressed up as Lt. Judy Hopps from Zootopia. Everything from the hair, to the makeup to the outfit, looks incredible!

2. Who can forget the incredible show Dexter’s Laboratory….for a lot of us, it’s our childhood. Well, check out this duo who looks exactly like Dexter and his annoying sister DeeDee. The height difference really added to the effect.

3. This is “Him” from PowerPuff Girls. Again, trying to portray a cartoon character can be challenging but this person did a fantastic job. Wonder how long it took him to put on the red makeup. Every detail counts for cosplayers, and this guy is no exception.

4. Imagine walking down the street and running into the real-life PowerPuff Girls! If you don’t remember that show, you need to go to YouTube and check it out. This show was the epitome of girl power. These cosplayers, again, did a phenomenal job!
5. I’m not sure if this girl’s costume makes her a great cosplayer, or it’s just the fact that she already looks like the Pixar character. Regardless, this girl decided to dress up as Honey Lemon from the film “Big Hero 6”. She even nailed the pose and facial expression…amazing job!

6. This is Emma Webster, aka the granny from Looney Tunes. This woman decided to use props to help enhance her costume, bringing in a stuffed toy of Sylvester and Tweety bird. Her wig, glasses, and dress really look identical to the cartoon character. Incredible!

7. Anyone can put on a wig and a dress to look like a famous character, it takes way more than that. It takes paying attention to detail, making sure the makeup matches and you have to put your mind into acting like the character. This woman works at Disney Parks as the character of Lady Tremaine aka the Wicked Stepmother in Cinderella.

8. Female cosplayers have a way of dressing up as their favorite characters and turning them into supermodels. This girl decided to dress up like Cute Margo from Despicable Me. I think the fact that her hair looks exactly like the character made her more believable.
9. We all know Meg Griffin from Family Guy isn’t the most popular character in the series, but people definitely get a laugh from her misery. Well, this woman decided to change people’s opinion on Meg and decided to tackle her character. I’m sure a lot of us can agree that she did a good job.

10. Peter and Lois, on the other hand, are the two main characters in Family Guy. I guess this couple just naturally looks like these characters….so why not dress up like them for a cosplay costume. Just pop on a wig put on a white button-down and they are good to go!

11. Everyone dressing up as a minion seemed to have been a trend for a few years now. But this woman decided to change things up and dressed up like the ultimate villain Scarlet Overkill from the popular film “Minions”. I’d say mission accomplished.

12. This is what cosplay is truly all about…dressing up like your favorite video game character. Anyone who is a fan of Street Fighter knows exactly who Chun Li is. This model did a great job in dressing up just like her…she also looks like she can seriously kick your butt!

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