The Most Paused Movie Scenes in Hollywood History

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

When “The Wolf of Wall Street” was released to cinemas in 2013, moviegoers worldwide couldn’t stop talking about it. There was one scene, in particular, that moviegoers felt inclined to pause – and no, it wasn’t the slo-mo scene in which Jordan Belfort decided to abuse quaaludes.

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The scene involved the leading lady, played by the talented Margot Robbie, attempts at seducing Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. There you have it, one of the most-paused movie scenes in recent memory!

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

Along with Rami Malek’s outstanding portrayal of rock legend Freddie Mercury – the movie was worth watching for many reasons. There is a cameo moment that is difficult to notice without a quick pause – which is the reason award-winning film “Bohemian Rhapsody” has made its way onto this list.

The moment may happen too quickly for one to notice, but Adam Lambert, the singer, portrays the trucker with whom Mercury becomes besotted.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

While it may not be the most excellent movie of all time, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” is home to one of the most-paused moments in cinema. Phoebe Cates’s character, Linda Barrett, is going for a swim in her friend’s pool in a red bikini.

The most paused moment in this movie, and perhaps in movie history, comes when Linda finally climbs up the steps and gets out of the pool…dropping viewers’ jaws on the floor.

Basic Instinct (1992)

“Basic Instinct” was a groundbreaking film for many reasons. First of all, we are blessed with a criminal mastermind who can keep her murder a secret. In what might have been one of her most significant moments as an actress, Sharon Stone has made it on this list with a pause-worthy moment.

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In this scene, Stone’s character decided to cross her legs in a dress in an attempt to confuse the detective, portrayed by Michael Douglas. Surprise, surprise! It works!

Sleeping With Other People (2015)

Anytime you see Alison Brie on screen, there’s a good chance she’ll do something quirky or out of this world. This film was no different; in “Sleeping With Other People,” Brie gave viewers a dance scene that they probably didn’t expect.

Zootopia (2016)

In the film “Zootopia,” we’re given a sneak peek into the lives of animals as they live their lives like humans in the big city. For the most part, the story revolves around a few animals as they try to uncover a conspiracy. In the middle of the mess, we’re treated to a scene that is worth pausing.

The Seven Year Itch (1955)

This scene has been paused so many times; the image has become iconic in its own right. In fact, we’ve seen it so many times, and it’s hard to imagine this scene was a part of a film, to begin with. In “The Seven Year Itch,” Marilyn Monroe’s character tempts the married male protagonist, Richard Sherman.

The Exorcist (1973)

Many refer to “The Exorcist” as one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Linda Blair’s character’s transition from a sweet innocent girl into a fully possessed demon really is a work of art. The film contains some tricks that make watchers want to pause.

Iron Man (2008)

The next one might take a bit of concentration. “Iron Man” was one of the first in a series that we now know to be a modern-day superhero franchise. Aside from this, it is also known as being one of the most-paused movie moments in cinematic history. So, which scene exactly did Marvel fans pause on?

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988):

Everyone knows that Jessica Rabbit is one of the most bodacious animated characters of all time. In the 1988 film, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”the red-haired woman often makes the people around her stop and stare at the screen.

Total Recall (1990)

Before he was known as the Former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger starred in some of the greatest movies. His role in perhaps one of his biggest flicks, “Total Recall,” led many to hit the pause button.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

“Anchorman” is one of those movies that crafts subtle jokes into every scene they could fit. For the audience that can read Spanish, this joke is enough to make anyone pause to read. In this scene, there is a Mexican restaurant with a pretty odd name.

Before I Go to Sleep (2014)

In the psychological thriller “Before I Go to Sleep,” Nicole Kidman plays Christine Lucas, an amnesiac whose memories fade each time she falls asleep. The film itself didn’t win over much praise from critics; one scene, in particular, captured the attention of plenty of viewers.

Three Men and a Baby (1987)

Although the title of the film may sound like the beginning of a pretty corny joke, the movie is phenomenal. There is one scene in the movie that is so strange and out of place. For a second, you have to pause it to make sure you didn’t accidentally change the channel.

The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

When you think of Chris Hemsworth, the last thing you think of is a horror movie, right? Well, in 2011, Hemsworth was cast in “The Cabin in the Woods,” a modern horror movie that tried to things a little different. The film has one of the most-paused scenes in recent history.

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999)

In the first of the three Star Wars prequels, there is a small and hard-to-notice Easter egg that director George Lucas decided to place in the film. This shocking moment has many grabbing their remote and hitting pause.

TRON (1982)

If there’s one thing to be said about the movie “TRON,” its that it was drastically ahead of its time, the movie’s production incorporated state-of-the-art computer graphics to show a hacker in his digitized universe. The film was innovative, but more than that, there was one scene that was worth pausing.

The Graduate (1967)

The Oscar-winning film “The Graduate,” starring Dustin Hoffman in his breakthrough performance, tells the story of a young man who moves back in with his parents after college. Hoffman’s character, Benjamin Braddock, struggles to find direction in life and is seduced by a woman twice his age, Mrs. Robinson.

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